Left of the pillar, the guests of honor (from left) Dr. Tim Philippi, Executive Director / Board Member of the German/Singaporean Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Sascha Kienzle, Head of the Science and Technology Department of the German Embassy in Singapore, Professor Dr. Thomas A. Lange, Chairman of the board of NATIONAL-BANK AG in Essen, Germany, Professor Hian Kee Lee, Faculty of Sciences of the National University of Singapore, Dr. Khim Hui Ng, Scientist of Firmenich Asia Private Ltd., Hooi Yan Moy, envoy for the Health Sciences Authority in Singapore. To the right of the pillar (from left): Ralf Bremer, General Manager GERSTEL GmbH & Co. KG, Ms. Tan Surakanpinit Regional Sales Manager South East Asia, Eberhard G. Gerstel and Holger Gerstel, Managing Directors and Co-Owners.

GERSTEL management (from left): Ralf Bremer, Holger Gerstel and Eberhard G. Gerstel go through a Singapore style dedication ritual.

Impressions from the inauguration of the new GERSTEL LLP offices in Singapore. Guests got a behind the scenes look at the application laboratory.
Tan Surakanpinit, Regional Sales Manager
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Company News

GERSTEL expands in Southeast Asia

Ever increasing demand for intelligently automated solutions from GERSTEL has made it necessary to expand into larger offices in Singapore to more efficiently support customers and partners/distributors in South East Asia. GERSTEL LLP held an opening celebration at the new premises that was attended by prominent local officials as well as by key GERSTEL partners and customers. Everybody agreed that this was an important step towards a promising future for GERSTEL in the region.

By Guido Deussing

Singapore is not just a great place to live, boasting one of the highest standards of living in Asia; it is also an excellent place to run a company. The “Lion State” has for decades been an important and reliable partner for German businesses according to Professor Dr. Thomas A. Lange, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nationalbank AG in Essen, Germany, GERSTEL’s partner bank since 1967, when the company was founded by Eberhard Gerstel Sr. Professor Lange was speaking at the inauguration of the new and larger GERSTEL LLP offices in Singapore, congratulating GERSTEL management, Eberhard G. Gerstel, Holger Gerstel and Ralf Bremer, on their choice of location and praising the company’s decision to increase the presence in the region as a sign of sound judgment and a basis of further growth. Prof. Lange stated that the Southeast Asia business hub offers a first class business environment with significant competitive advantages including a second to none infrastructure and a highly qualified workforce.

For the inauguration of the new GERSTEL LLP offices, GERSTEL management and the regional team led by Ms. Tan Surakanpinit had invited customers, partners and guests from business and government. GERSTEL LLP was founded in 2010 as the fifth GERSTEL company outside Germany. The four others are based in the USA, Switzerland, Japan and Brazil. GERSTEL is also represented in over 70 other countries by carefully selected and trained distributors.

According to the GERSTEL management team, the expansion in Singapore was overdue: “The international business revenue has steadily grown over the past years and in 2014, it made up more than 60 % of total company revenues”, says Eberhard G. Gerstel. “Our GERSTEL K.K. subsidiary in Tokyo has supported the Japanese market extremely successfully over the past ten years. The demand for GERSTEL systems and solutions in Singapore, China, South Korea and large parts of South East Asia have made it mandatory to have a solid support structure in the region outside Japan, offering technical and application support for GERSTEL customers and partners from the same time zone”.

Global growth of a German company

Since the company was founded in 1967, GERSTEL Headquarters have been in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, where products are developed and produced. “The label “Made in Germany” is well recognized and respected world-wide and it certainly applies to GERSTEL products”, says Holger Gerstel. “But the label is not a guarantee for a successful global presence that requires first class products, which are well supported”. Ralf Bremer adds: ”If you want success internationally, you have to go where the markets and the customers are and this is exactly what we are doing, while making absolutely sure not to neglect our strong home base in the German market”.

“GERSTEL is experiencing good growth as shown by the fact that we have had five consecutive years of increased revenues, with international sales growth of 20 percent from 2013 to 2014”, says Eberhard Gerstel.

Ms. Tan Surakanpinit, Regional Sales Manager South East Asia is responsible for GERSTEL LLP activities. Ms. Surakanpinit has worked in the analytical instruments business in Asia, the US and Europe and is intimately familiar with the South East Asia region. The GERSTEL LLP offices have separate service and application support departments with highly qualified regional staff to assist customers in the time zone. At the same time, the support staff is well connected with GERSTEL colleagues world-wide such that they have access to company-wide product knowledge. Other application labs are located in Europe, the US and Japan, and all cooperate very closely since analytical chemists are facing more or less the same challenges all over the world.

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