GERSTEL LC/MS Effluent Optimizer (LEO)

Optimized LC separation and MS detection –
get the best of both worlds

In LC/MS, we work hard to reach the goal of achieving the perfect LC separation and combining it with the most efficient ionization and lowest achievable MS detection limits for our analytes. The LC separation may require a certain pH and polarity range of the eluent, while analyte ionization in the LC/MS ionization source requires yet another pH, a different buffer – or even derivatization of the analyte for best possible efficiency or optimized spectral information. How to optimize both? Well the logical answer is to take the effluent from the perfect LC separation and then optimize it for MS analysis. This task is easily possible when you add the GERSTEL LC/MS Effluent Optimizer (LEO) module to your LC/ MS/MS system. Application examples show sensitivity gains of up to a factor of 40 by simply adding a salt solution to the LC effluent and/or changing its pH. The LEO module is quickly and easily installed in your LC/MS system. A solvent mixture, buffer solution or reagent is then easily added to the effluent ensuring that the LC separation can be performed under optimal conditions while also enabling maximum yield in the MS ionization process. Whether you are looking to perform pH adjustment or post-column derivatization, for method development or routine analysis, when you use LEO and the GERSTEL MAESTRO software you can easily and efficiently control all parameters as part of the overall method. Just one sequence table controls the entire system from sample preparation through LC separation and effluent optimization to MS analysis. It is all done with the click of a mouse.