GERSTEL Olfactory Detection Port 3

Olfactory Detection Port (ODP)

New GC Olfactory Detection Port with Voice Recognition and Voice-to-Text Capability

The new GERSTEL ODP 3 Olfactory Detection Port with Voice Recognition enables sensory detection of odors by the human nose simultaneously with analytical detection by any GC detector, including MSD, FID, and FPD. Voice recognition software allows the sensory analyst to describe odors and fragrances in real time – these voice descriptors are recorded and converted to editable text files. For each GC run a complete report is generated, including a chromatogram superimposed with an annotated olfactogram.
Text of the descriptors spoken by the analyst is placed above each olfactogram peak. The analyst can assign any of four levels of intensity to each eluting component, and the olfactogram is recorded with this intensity information. The ODP 3 is an effective tool for obtaining simultaneous sensory and analytical information in determining odors in foods, beverages, fragrances, and other complex samples.