The GERSTEL PyroVial performs pyrolysis procedures at temperatures up to 800 °C in a dedicated sample vial. Less volatile and thermally labile pyrolysis products can be taken up in a suitable solvent for subsequent GC/MS or LC/MS determination – or for analysis using other techniques. Volatile pyrolysis products can be sampled directly from the Headspace for GC/MS determination.

Placing a sample into the reaction chamber is simple and the pyrolysis process is fully automated based on the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPSrobotic).

PyroVial can be used as a micro-scale reaction chamber, the gas phase can be replaced with an inert gas or a reactant as needed. Food preparation processes, such as the Maillard reaction, can be simulated in micro-scale and the formed flavor compounds determined. Pyrolysis of polymers, for example those based on polar acrylic resins, can be followed by HPLC determination of the reaction products. Reagents or catalysts can be added before the pyrolysis step, enabling the simulation of complex industrial processes.

PyroVial benefits:

Simple handling
  • Completely automated with the GERSTEL MPSrobotic
  • The PyroVial sample holders make it easy to insert the pyrolysis sample
  • Set-up of all parameters by mouse-click
  • Derivatization before or after pyrolysis can be selected
Analysis of the pyrolysis breakdown products by GC/MS, LC/MS...
  • Volatile pyrolysis products can be sampled directly and analyzed by Headspace-GC/MS
  • Polymers and polar pyrolysis products are solvatized in the PyroVial and analyzed by LC/MS, GC/MS or other methods
  • Fractionation of pyrolysis products
Utilization as reaction chamber
  • Gas phase exchange to inert gas or reaction gas before pyrolysis
  • Simulation of industrial processes through addition of reagents or catalysts before pyrolysis